You Can Cut Your Own Kiddos Hair

I’m going to say it ….

You can cut your own kids hair.


If you’re like us, you probably shuffle your little helmet head into the barber every two to three weeks like clockwork. You tell them over and over that they need a two in the back and they want it faded into a scissor cut as each kid takes their seat. You whip out the payment and wince as you drop $60 or $100 (this adds up to almost $1500 a year for us with tips and going every couple of weeks) for your little nuggets to be presentable.

And then the barber shops and salons closed.

Just like with how we’ve learned we can work from home and homeschool – we’ve all just been reminded that we can also do the unthinkable – we can cut our own kids hair!

Nobody Lost an Ear

With a pair of clippers and a few Youtube videos worth of education, my boys, who were well equipped to ride their bikes without helmets – mostly because they couldn’t fit their helmets over their hair – sat on the back porch as I clicked the clippers to life. We all cringed as I made my first swipe and watched hair float to the ground.

The oldest kiddos first response was panic. He immediately reached back to feel what he was sure was a bald spot when he saw the piles accumulating on the porch.

You Can Learn to Do This!

With the help of YouTube, we learned how to cut our own kids hair. We loved the idea of an an extra helmet inside of their bike helmet, but let’s face it, we all stand a little taller when we have a nice hair cut.

There are SO many Youtube videos that explain how to cut hair. You can definitely find one that will help you with your kiddos hair style.

This is the one I used….

Here’s another if your kiddos hair has gotten a big longer than expected.

There are videos on trimming longer hair, recovering hair from being a little grown out, trimming girls hair and more.

Making it Fun & Comfortable

Our kids were rather sure I would remove an ear or make them completely bald, but we managed to get the job done without any major losses. They actually liked their new do when we were done.

Here’s a few things that worked well for us.

Use a Towel

Hair is sticky and annoying. It gets in everything. It sticks to everything. It’s itchy. A towel wrapped around the shoulder will collect a little of that hair and prevent so much of it from getting in their shirt.

Wet The Hair

Maybe you aren’t suppose to wet their hair, but we did and it seemed to pull a little less and didn’t stick so much to everything.

Sharp Scissors

Sharp scissors, just like sharp clippers, are monumentally important to a good cut. It stops from pulling and makes it a lot easier. BUT – sharp scissors are SHARP and they will slice a nice cut right through your fingers. Don’t ask how I know. ;)

We Can’t Wait To Visit The Barber Again

Okay, so our home hair cuts don’t look horrible, but they aren’t a barber fade either. So, for now we will wrap a towel around like a cape and plop a stool on the back porch for our homemade haircuts and wait for the day we can return for a professional cut.

We’d love to see yours. Tag us @mamahuman on IG so we can take a look.

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