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What is a Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt? (Free Hunt Download)

Teddy Bears are popping up in house windows all over the United States as a nation-wide scavenger hunt, designed to entertain the kiddos found themselves stuck at home as quarantine orders swept the country. With playsets, schools, museums, play dates, dance classes, preschool, sports and more closed, parents with house-bound kiddos looking for a reason to get out of the house and explore created the phenomenon.

Anyone Can Bear Hunt

Kiddos can search for bears from the safety of their parents car windows and neighbors get to enjoy entertaining the neighbor kids from afar.

One parent we spoke to said her kids can play along even though their immune condition makes them more susceptible to the virus. “We love this idea because our kids are among the hundreds of thousands of American children who are immune compromised and absolutely cannot risk catching the Coronavirus. It’s been fun for them to go hunting for teddy bears. They get to play along.”

This sentiment is echoed by parent after parent. Videos and photos of kids looking out car windows or walking down the streets, paper in hand, are popping up all over social media.

Positive Memories During Challenging Times

What we love most about the Teddy Bear hunt is that this is a great opportunity for kids to make memories other than “being stuck at home” during this pandemic – the first many of us, my generation included, has ever experienced.

Many parents are focused on teaching their kiddos from the various forms of education their local school is providing. Some have taken to online classes while others are physically mailing packets home to kids.

Writing in a journal, playing games, playing in the yard, planting a garden, camping in the back yard and bear hunting are sure to be among the highlights of kiddos memories of this difficult time.

The Bear Hunt Is Far From Over

While word about the bear hunt spreads across the country, more and more bears are making their appearance. Community Facebook Groups and Next Door apps are buzzing with new locations. City pages are joining in on the fun. Organizers are trying to find ways to make it more interesting.

It is highly likely, as Easter Egg Hunts are being cancelled, that Bear Hunts will continue to grow in popularity.

Download Our Free Teddy Bear Hunt Game Sheet

Print this sheet and take it for a ride while you like hunt Teddy Bears. Your kiddos will be able to write down the name of the town, what they spotted, the address (or house numbers) and where they found it (peeking out the window, etc). There’s also a spot for notes so they can write down memories about the day including who they were with and how they hunted (on foot, in a car, etc).

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