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The Safest Swimming Suit Colors For The Pool

If your family is like ours, you probably spend a lot of time in the pool, at the lake or on the river during the warmer months and safety is always on your mind.

When we opened up the pool at the house we bought earlier this year, we quickly realized that the pool liner was BLUE. Like, really, really blue. In fact, when I spent a little time researching, I realized that most pool companies recommend a hue of blues, like Leisure Time, who stays in the blue to bluish green color range.

With our pool and so many other being lined in blue, if any of our kids were wearing blue, they would blend in and since we typically have all of our kids wear long sleeve swimming shirts to help protect against sun, any of them wearing blue would quickly fade from view at the bottom of the pool.

In researching to see if this is a valid fear, I came across a post from CPR kids where they posted actual photos of a child wearing blue in a pool

Do you see the child?

You didn’t see them, did you?

The sun hitting the water, the shade of the pool liner, the shadows in the pool all come together to make it really hard to see this kid.

There they are. Just a shadow among shadows. Blues, greens and other earthy colors could be hard to see, and therefore hard to rescue in a timely manner.

Because of this realization, we are only buying brightly colored swim suits that are not in the blue or earthy green color scheme this year. We’re going with pink, orange, yellow and neon blues and greens.

Bright Swimsuit Ideas for Girls

Finding bright alternatives to blue for girls is easy. There’s so much pink, yellow, orange and shades in between, that you don’t have to look far. We were surprised to find so many colors in the questionable color range, like whites with light colors that would still be hard to see in a pool.

We’ve rounded up a few color examples below.

This pink mermaid suit is bright and very noticeable in various types of bodies of water.

This adorable and bright fruit RuffleButt swimsuit offers UV protection and the safety of being bright

This bright polka dotted pink ruffle suit is bright and visible and SO adorable.

Bright Swimsuit Ideas for Boys

Shopping for boys swim suits of various ages is hard. In fact, when I was searching for something to recommend to our readers, the first 20 listings were blue or green. Very few had bright enough accents for me to be happy with the idea of introducing them here.

So, we had to go with something a little different and make sets from individual items like what you see below.

This orange swim shirt offers UV protection and is highly visible and would look adorable with either of these swim trunks for boys.

Bright colors for boys like these red swimming trunks are an excellent alternative to blues and greens too. I know, I know, you’re going to say that the blue on the shorts makes it almost impossible to pair these shorts with anything but a blue tee, but we also know that not everyone wears a tee.

Pool safety doesn’t stop with the color of swimsuit your kids are wearing. Taking your children to swimming classes so they can learn to float, learn how to get to safety and learn how to swim properly is just as important (if not more so important).

While your kiddo is learning, it’s important to stress to your kids that they should not go around water without taking an adult with them. I say “take an adult with them” because kids have literally drown with adults standing around a pool that didn’t know they had gone in because they were deep into conversation, etc.

We also teach our kids that they absolutely cannot go into water without their floaties or they won’t be allowed to swim. After trying multiple different kinds, we have fallen in love with these puddle jumpers. They keep them upright and we’ve never seen them flip a kid back and put their face in the water. We haven’t seen them be able to slip them either and with the clip in the back, they haven’t been able to get them off.

You can find these puddle jumpers and a few other styles here.

We hope that you have a fun and safe swim season this year. Be sure to tag us on IG @MamaHuman and show us what suits you decided to go with this year.

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