The First Step in Mindful Parenting

Women who are pregnant and are expecting to deliver in the coming months should begin to think about the hospital bag that they’ll pack. Delivering a baby requires a few days of a stay in the hospital, making it important to have the essentials on hand to feel comfortable. Before the contractions begin, there are a few items to pack ahead of time to ensure that you’re prepared for the event. This is the first step in mindful parenting… Clothing Items Although the hospital will provide a gown to use once you’re admitted, it’s important to have a few other clothing items on hand. A robe can be packed for an easy way of having proper coverage while walking the hallways or getting up to use the restroom. Pack a dark robe to hide any stains. It’s also important to pack a comfortable pair of pajamas or loose clothing items that you can wear on your way home from the hospital. You’ll likely need yoga pants or a loose t-shirt with a flexible material due to the discomfort that you’ll still be in due to the labor. Similarly, a pair of slippers will come in handy to avoid walking barefoot during the labor and delivery. Flip flops can also be packed to wear while taking a shower. First-time mothers do not often realize the importance of packing extra pairs of underwear due to excessive bleeding that takes place after giving birth. The hospital will provide a number of oversized pads to wear until you head home, but it’s important to have extra panties available. Pack cheap underwear or disposable panties due to soiling that is prone to occur. Snacks and Food Snacks are one of the most important things to pack in your hospital bag. While you won’t be able to eat while you’re in labor, specialists like Dr. Gilbert Webb suggest that it’s ok to munch on ice chunks during labor. Having snacks on hand after giving birth will allow you to have extra energy and something to enjoy during your hospital stay. Your spouse will also be able to enjoy the food items instead of leaving the hospital to grab a meal. Toiletries Hospitals can be incredibly accommodating during labor and delivery but they still do not have the same items on hand as hotels. Essential toiletry items to pack include a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairbrush, a minimal amount of makeup, and q-tips. Many women who undergo a C-Section may be limited with bathing but can pack dry shampoo to maintain personal hygiene until they head home. Essentials for the Baby It’s also important to keep the baby in mind when packing your luggage for the hospital. You’ll want to bring an outfit or two to bring the baby home in. Bring three different sizes of clothing items for your child because it’s difficult to guess how large the baby will be once it’s born. It’s also important to pack a baby blanket to ensure that the newborn is warm on the drive home. Many babies are born with long nails, making it important to have a nail filer on hand to avoid having the baby scratch themselves. Hospitals do not provide a pacifier for babies, but it comes in handy when the newborn is waiting to be fed or needs to be soothed to sleep. Pack at least two pacifiers before it’s time to deliver. Digital Camera and Video Camera Both a video camera and digital camera are important to bring along to record the birth and moments afterward. A spouse or family members can use the tools to capture the special moments to remember the day. Chargers should also be packed to avoid having a dead battery.

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