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The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2020

Looking to supplement your kiddos school this year with a monthly subscription box? We’ve rounded up the boxes that add the most value to your kiddos education or exploration while making it fun and exciting. There’s a box for every kid.

We’ve rounded up everything from cooking subscription boxes for kids, travel subscription boxes and even some amazing science boxes your children are going to love.


Which Way USA

This packed subscription box was developed by a company we all know and love – Highlights for Kids. Which Way USA features:

  • Illustrated, fact-packed State Maps that spark kids’ sense of adventure
  • Challenging 32-page Puzzle Books that encourage exploration
  • Souvenir Key Tags for each state, PLUS 64-page Game Guide & Key-Tag Ring with first box


BITSBOX Subscription Box for Kids

This monthly subscription box features real computer programming fun for kids where they learn how to make games, greeting cards and so much more. We have subscribed to this box for our 11 year old son. We’ll be posting updates soon!

So what are you getting in Bitsbox? Here’s their product description:

  • VOTED #1 STEM BOX FOR KIDS – Kids start by coding from examples and progress quickly to inventing their own apps.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AGES 6 TO 12 – No previous coding experience is necessary. Each kit includes a helpful Grownup Guide and unlimited email support, too!
  • REAL COMPUTER PROGRAMMING – And crazy fun! Bitsbox delivers coding projects that teach kids to make video games, greeting cards, simulations and more. Bonus! Apps work on real phones and tablets!
  • EXPLORE A NEW CONCEPT EVERY MONTH – Subscription box mailed monthly. Each one builds on the last and encourages kids to code more complex and exciting apps.
  • WARNING: FREQUENTLY LEADS TO FITS OF GIGGLES & LAUGHTER – Coding for kids with Bitsbox strikes a balance between challenge and entertainment, as kids practice life skills like problem-solving, typing and persistence.

MEL Chemistry Science Box

If you’re looking to supplement your kiddos science education, the MEL Chemistry science box just might be for you. This box includes various “exciting experiments” including “Will it Burn” and so much more. There are over 70 different science experiments via MEL Chemistry.


RADDISH Cooking Subscription Box

This monthly box for aspiring chefs is perfect for those kiddos who love to mix it up in the kitchen. Get creative and explore cooking with RADDISH.

  • A NEW THEME EACH MONTH – Learn about new cultures and cuisines from your kitchen!
  • EDIBLE EDUCATION – Eat and learn as your kids mix math & simmer science! Build math, science, and life skills as you cook up delicious fun! SCHOOL AND MEALTIME – The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn, start a new family tradition!
  • 3 ILLUSTRATED, LAMINATED, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPE GUIDES – The Raddish kids cooking framework breaks recipes into easy-to-digest steps that kids young and old can follow. Great for emerging readers!
  • QUALITY KITCHEN TOOLS – Build your own collection of cooking tools designed for the meals you’re making. Learn how to use a variety of kitchen tools with our skill builders.
  • GROCERY LIST AND DIETARY MODIFICATIONS – Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian modifications customized each month.


The EAT2Explore monthly subscription box includes a new recipe from a new country and facts about the culture, history and traditions of the country. How cool is that?!

Here’s what they say they’re including in this box:

  • AWARD-WINNING FAMILY CULINARY ADVENTURE: Every month, you’ll receive new country to explore! Full of local recipes with unique spices/sauces & learning materials, it’s the perfect way to explore new cuisines and learn culinary facts from around the world!
  • HOW IT WORKS: Each box come with 3 Recipe Cards (4 servings each), unique Spices/Sauces/Grain mixes you need from the country of the month, and a shopping list to get your preferred fresh ingredients that meet your dietary preferences.
  • PICK YOUR OWN INGREDIENTS: Unlike other food box companies, we only provide the essential, authentic mixes from the featured country. You choose your preferred fresh ingredients – every recipe provides alternatives to meet your dietary preferences.
  • LEARNING MATERIALS FOR KIDS: Each box also includes fun Educational Activity Sheets, Collectibles, and an Exploration Guide that teaches your budding chef about the culture, history, and food traditions of the country!
  • COUNTRIES INCLUDED: Every month, you will receive a fresh new box from a new part of the world, including: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, UK & USA.


We Craft Box

We Craft Box is a monthly subscription box full of super fun craft projects for kids ages 3-9.

Their description:

  • AWARD WINNING CRAFT BOX Each box contains 3 or more prepared crafts. All materials are included (except scissors) for 1 or 2 children to craft.
  • FUN AND EASY – Step by step photo instructions make crafting effortless for kids and parents.
  • A UNIQUE THEME AND STORY is featured every month and a Quality art material is included.
  • UNPLUG FROM THE SCREEN, We Craft Box helps families share quality time!
  • A CREATIVE LEARNING UNIT – We Craft Box aids children in the Development of Visual Arts Skills, Techniques and Processes. Each box explores one or more Art Techniques and/or Processes with materials and photo illustrated instructions.


Highlights Top Secret Adventures

The Highlights Top Secret Adventures box is the perfect detective game that features problem-solving and geography lessons all in one for kiddos 7 and up.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • Your first mystery kit also includes a world map and a secret agent passport with visa stickers.
  • Kids ages 7 and up will love the puzzle-solving fun that teaches geography, encourages problem-solving, and inspires interest in world cultures while building self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Each mystery kit is a kid’s world travel guide, puzzle challenge and detective game in one. Receive a mission assignment letter, puzzle book, country guide book, collectible villain cards and a storage portfolio every month.
  • Kids use what they learn in the fact-filled country guide book to fill in the puzzles in the puzzle book. Then they use clues from the puzzles to solve the final mystery. So many kinds of fun!
  • The variety of puzzles includes Hidden Pictures scenes, quizzes, mazes, word searches, secret codes and more, all with even more information about the host country. Your kids will learn so much!

No matter which box you choose, subscription boxes are a fun way to encourage kids to pursue their interests. The monthly deliveries are ALWAYS so exciting. I can’t tell you how many times our boys have asked if it’s almost time for their boxes to arrive. No matter what your kid loves, there’s a box out there for them.

Have more box ideas? Be sure to comment below.

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