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Teeth Counting 1-10 Preschool Printable

It’s National Tooth Month!!

I know, I know. I didn’t know it was a thing either. But, since it is, we had to come up with a printable for the kiddos out there who love counting teeth. This started with a hand drawn tooth that is just for our teeth printables, so you get this little cutie to work with and make your kiddo smile.

This printable is 11 sheets of 8.5×11 inch counting papers with writing numerals and the word for each number.

Counting Teeth Activity for Kids

Count the teeth and write the numeral and the number for each page!

We love that kids want to learn to count using teeth, so be sure to watch our website for more tooth activities. Click here to see all of the items in this category.

Learn To Count By Making this Printable Reusable

Want to keep these printable teeth counting sheets for later? We love this pocket folder that allows us to transform this worksheet into a printable that we can use over and over again. Just stick your printed sheets inside of the pocket and use dry erase markers to practice over and over again.

Grab this printable today.

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