School Districts Are Preparing to Mask Your Children

It looks like a picture out of a dystopia film. Fullerton School District (now deleted – see their post below) was so proud when they posted their “sample” of what it could be like when kids go back to school.

Fullerton was all to proud to share the album of behind the scenes photos from the video they’re working on for when their students go back to school. It didn’t take long for the album to being being shared in parenting groups and then go viral as parents began to express their outrage over the images.

While the description of the photo album has been updated repeatedly throughout the day (note the update notification just below the album title) to be changed from a joyous release of “behind the scenes photos” for their video shoot and photos that received the most backlash (see more about this below) have been deleted, the album has been shared over 20k times and had over 5.3k comments as of 8pm PST on June 19th. The rare supportive comment was lost in the sea of angry parents who can’t imagine subjecting their kids to what you’ll see in the images below.

Shall we take a look at the examples?

Ahhhh social distancing. Yes, every child wants nothing more than to stand away from their friends at the bus stop. Should be easy peasy.

What will your kid will see when they get on the bus….

So welcoming. Not lost on the parents, the fact that people have had car accidents from wearing masks to long, there is definite peripheral vision impairment and they want drivers to look like this when they pick up your kids. Not scary at all.

You can see some of the comments here…

Next up we have the school bus seats, which will be perfect for those kids that can’t read, have disabilities or can’t understand why their huge school bus that use to pick up all of the kids in their neighborhood now has to come back around three times to get them.

With most states cutting school funding amid Covid and many children being pulled from schools, it’s very likely that schools won’t have the funds to buy more buses or staff more drivers, which means school most likely won’t be starting on time.

Can we ask about the paper and how it’ll be disinfected or should we start making a list of the things we see wrong?

We aren’t the only ones asking questions about this photo. See comments.

Good germs bad! Natural immunity bad!

So welcoming. Every kid wants to stand in lines, distanced, wearing masks. I am sure the kids with special needs or those who are to young to understand this nonsense will completely get with the program.

I’m not the only one calling out the nonsense.

Not. Scary. For. Kids. At. All.

Should we talk about how schools couldn’t install metal detectors to prevent school shootings, but these extremely expensive thermal cameras, along with the extra staff to run them seem to be easy peasy budget squeezy?

I am so sure your kids won’t miss centers and your teachers will be able to be just as effective without breaking kids into groups like they’ve done for a decade. Pffftttt. Why should kids be kids anyway?! It’s nonsense to expect them to have any kind of childhood.

So after all of this nonsense, they went back and started deleting some of the images, like the one below. Silly Fullerton, you know a bunch of moms downloaded the images, right?

They didn’t like the questions people were asking about what they are spraying on the seats, so … dirty delete.

They must have thought people would notice a picture was missing and added a photo of the cafeteria in it’s place.

Of course it took moms less than 3 seconds to figure out what they were up to and then comment on the new image about the single use plastic, the fact that it would take quite some time to package up individual servings like this and so much more.

The Mama Humans began to weigh in….

Heidi Yoder Omg this is so ridiculous!! All unnecessary ! All those chemicals everywhere are far worse. 🤦‍♀️ and the masks? Ugh. No. If this is how it will be I won’t be sending my kid to school. People need to wake up.

She wasn’t alone. Over five thousand comments and it was endless scrolling of the exact same sentiment.

With that said, there’s a reason homeschooling curriculum shops, like The Good and the Beautiful are seeing “record breaking sales.” Parents are preparing to pull their kids, thousands already have.

Posts like the album by Fullerton will only increase the number of parents who are opting out of sending their kids back to school.


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