Our Wild West Bucket List

Part of being “out West” is exploring all of the sites and attractions. We’re a nature loving family, so most of the things on our travel bucket list will revolve around natural attractions, but, with three small kiddos, theme parks and kiddo attractions are making the list.

These are listed in no particular order. We might get creative and break it down by city and state in the near future.

Dates shown out to the right indicate the date that we visited that attraction. The hyperlinks will take you to the section where you can read about the trips and see the photos.

1. Yosemite National Park – November 2013.

2. Kings Canyon National Park – October 2013.

3. Sequoia National Park – December 2013.

4. Aquarium

5. Golden Gate Bridge – April 2013

6. Legoland

7. Pismo Beach – December 2013

8. Morro Bay – December 2013

9. Lake Tahoe – May 2013

10. DisneyLand

11. Fresno Chaffee Zoo – October 2013

15. Big Sur – April 2014

16. La Jolla Cove – San Diego

17. Golden Gate Park

18. California Academy of Sciences

19. Death Valley

20. Grand Canyon

21. Yellowstone

This is just the beginning of this list. As we explore, we will add more. Have suggestions? Be sure to leave a comment.

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