Toxin-Free Snuggles

Make-up for moms has never more amazing. In our pursuit to remove toxins from our home, I realized I couldn’t stop with changing our cleaning supplies, food choices, fragrances and sunscreens – I really had to look at what I was putting on my skin – and potentially rubbing off onto our kiddos. I fell in love with a makeup brand that Mama Human’s like you and me could trust to be up close and personal with our favorite tiny humans.

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Beautiful, safe and clean cosmetics we can TRUST!

Your foundation, powder, eyeliner, blush, mascara and skin care routine just became toxin free.

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Why Crunchi?

Our most valuable contribution to the world snuggles up to our faces every day. Our little girls watch us carefully apply our makeup (and then run off and apply it to themselves) before we head out. It’s time for products we can trust rubbing off on their tiny faces or being haphazardly applied in the closet to make its way into our makeup bag.

The EWG Has Faith in Crunchi

The Environmental Working Group is one of the most trusted sources for pinpointing toxins in the world. With ratings like this from them (10 being ewww and 0 being WHOOO!!!), we feel confident in Crunchi products.

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