It Will Be Mama Humans

For decades we, as mothers, believed that everyone that came into contact with our kids had their best interests at heart. It was passed down from our mothers, a trust for anyone “educated” that took an oath to do what was best for our families.

For generations we gave physicians a pass for mistakes, because, after all, they were making educated decisions. Even when we noticed something different with our kids after a “well” visit which they couldn’t or wouldn’t explain.

Even as the number of children with immunological and neurological disorders began to skyrocket.

Even as food allergies in children increased dramatically.

Even as we buried our children

We even went so far as to give the three letter agencies a pass because why would an agency meant for health do anything that would harm our children. After all, they are full of “physicians.”

And then we realized that despite the growing number of children with various health issues, none of them seemed to be able to (or chose not to) acknowledge a problem even existed.

Very few stopped to ask what was happening. So the moms did.

The first generation of many to question what was so blatantly obvious.

We started by blaming ourselves.

Was it that one carbonated caffeinated pop I drank when I was six months pregnant?

Should I have taken a different multivitamin?

Was it because I didn’t breastfeed long enough?

Is it the processed food?

Is it the medicines?

Is it toxins?


Is it vaccines?

But while our children’s collective health plummeted, everyone seemed to look the other way. No hard questions were asked. No research done. The only thing we have to show for decades of declining health is data. Data that seems to show that something has gone terribly wrong – but no one, not the doctors, not the three letter agencies – no one we were suppose to “trust” did anything about it or even seemed to acknowledge it.

But the moms did.

You see, our generation has become known for rebelling the status quo. We were raised on water out of the hose and Saturday morning cartoons. We had pagers in high school and our first cell phones in college. We watched as the internet came to life and as it shaped who we became as a culture. We also used it to connect, educate and inform each other.

When we all put our collective heads together and shared the perils of our children’s health, it became abundantly clear that something has gone wrong.


I don’t remember anyone in my class ever saying they couldn’t eat a certain food because it could kill them. Now more than 1 in 13 children have food allergies that require they carry an epipen. Most states require schools have epipens at the school should a student need one.

That’s not all. According to the NIH….

Allergic diseases in children have increased significantly in recent years and now affect up to 35% of children. They are a major cause of morbidity in children. Although there is a genetic predisposition, it is the exposure to environmental allergens, irritants and infections that will determine the sensitization to different dietary and inhalant allergens.

From the NIH

You didn’t misunderstand that. Yes, they said that there’s been a significant increase of 35%. They were sure to follow it up with they don’t know why.


Moving along to cancer in children.

Again, I don’t remember losing a single classmate to cancer my entire grade school and high school years, but a friend from my graduating class buried her 13 year old after years of battling the disease.

In fact, there’s nearly a 1% increase EVERY YEAR of children diagnosed with cancer.

So how much cancer do children in the United States endure?

According to the Cancer Atlas, children in the United States are at the greatest risk for childhood cancers in the world. We are quickly approaching 100 children diagnosed per million. The closest behind us – the other “west” – Europe with 66.4 out of every million.

Childhood cancer is now among the TOP THREE leading causes of death in children aged 5-14.


It doesn’t stop with allergies and cancer.

The number of children with Asthma – 8.7%

The number of children with Juvenile diabetes 80/100,000.

Children with Autism 1/44 in 2021, up from 1 in 150 in 2000.

About 1 in 6 (17%) children aged 3–17 years were diagnosed with a developmental disability, as reported by parents, during a study period of 2009-2017. These included autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, blindness, and cerebral palsy, among others.


The mama’s of the world have taken note. Before covid we were standing on the statehouse steps, we were writing, calling, questioning, demanding. We’ve been called crunchy, quacks, google doctors and more.

After covid, those of us who hadn’t already stopped trusting doctors, teachers and the government took another look.

In the face of covid, homeschooling parents jumped from just around 2% to over 20%. Many of them aren’t looking back. It didn’t matter what the reason – because they were masking, or weren’t, because they were afraid or didn’t want their kids to live in fear. For the first time in decades 1/5th of American parents reclaimed their children’s education.

That wasn’t all that happened with covid. When well visits were cancelled and children weren’t getting their “well vist” immunizations, the mortality rate plummeted. Even Time magazine wrote about it. They were (and still are) completely stumped.

When broken out by age, however, the data show that fewer children under age 15 died in 2020 compared with prior years, even after accounting for COVID-19-related deaths. Take the U.S., for example, where about 26,000 child deaths in 2020 have been recorded so far. That’s well below the average in recent years, as shown in the chart below:


Time went on to say “Between January and mid-November, about 2,500 fewer children in the U.S. died last year compared with the average of the three years prior—a drop of about 9%.”

They follow the article up with a wide range of assumptions as to why the mortality rate dropped.

But, us mothers know. We KNOW. We know EXACTLY what changed during a year when our children were home with us and away from the care of “professionals.” Even giving them 2% for reduced accidental deaths, the dip in mortality, unexplainable by the professionals, is known in the gut of every mother that is paying attention.

If our children are to be saved, their health to be restored, it will come from the hearts and minds of mothers. That Mama Human that stands in the void and objects to their children being a part of the cog. The mother who instinctively deducts that certain things aren’t in the best interest of her children, despite the experts who only seemingly know what’s convenient.

The Mama Humans are coming. We will save our children. We’re done leaving it to the “experts.”

In the words of Adam Curry, “It’s the mothers of America and the world mama bears coming out and saying ahh ahh ahhhhh, we’re paying attention, who are you?”

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