How to Start Printing Printables

Printables are AMAZING tools. They serve as decor, crafts, homeschool curriculum and SO much more.

We have used printables for parties, birthdays, decorations, bathroom signs, science class, math worksheets and even used them to teach our daughter how to write her name. We have bought and created homeschool curriculums for preschoolers all the way to highschoolers. Our most popular printable is an Elf on the Shelf printable that has been downloaded and printed over 100k times.

The Best Printers for Printables

We have gone through various printers over the years, but I feel like we have finally landed on a printer we love. We personally love laser printers because you can paint or use markers on them without smearing the black ink, but we ditched our laser printer for an EcoTank.

This printer is amazing for a few reasons, but we mostly love it because we can see how much in we have left and refill it without buying cartridges, we can print from our phone or computer wirelessly and we can make copies super fast. You can print up to 500 pages with one refill – which is almost unheard of with most printers out there.

Tools We Love To Use With Printables:

We are big fans of printing printables and making them reusable, unless, that is, it’s a crafty printable the really needs to be cut, glued, painted, etc.

When we buy curriculum, like this Apple Unit, or this Solar System Unit, we usually put the completed print in a three ring binder with clear sheets. This allows us to keep the copies nice and clean, print copies of the pages we need (pages that we will be cutting, painting, writing on, etc) and not have to print it all again for future kiddos that will do the project. This reduces waste and also keeps us organized so we don’t buy similar curriculum in the future because we forgot about it.

We also love dry erase pockets. Each of our kids have one (color coded) so they can put items in it that we would have to print over and over. Our little uses her pocket for her name sheet and her letter of the week. Our youngest boy for his dictation work, our two oldest boys for a place to work out math problems.

Magazine organizers have proven invaluable in keeping organized. We use them A LOT. Each kiddo has two magazine organizers for their curriculum and we also use them for supporting books and even as curriculum organizers. We will group math, science, history books by category and then label the organizer. We also use them for units, like our science units where we have bought read along books that are supportive of the course.

To recap, great tools for keeping your printables organized:

Here’s a few of our latest printables:

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