How To Save Your Facebook Photos & Videos Before They’re Deleted

As you may have noticed, many in the homeschooling, vaccine freedom, medical choice and breastfeeding communities have been silenced lately on various platforms that seek to control the narrative.

Many of us have invested over a decade in a platform that now seeks to silence us. I have talked with many moms who plan to leave soon and other who are going to keep advocating until their accounts are deleted.

Either way, I wanted to write this post on how to save your photos and videos outside of the soul-eating platform called Facebook.

Here we go…

FROM YOUR DESKTOP: You’ll want to come to your profile and then click on the little arrow in the upper right hand corner. Yes, that is my real profile.

Click on the widget for Settings & Privacy

Click on Settings

Click on Your Facebook Information on the left side.

Click on Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos

Choose where to download them. Personally, I am a fan of Dropbox and have been a subscriber since they launched. I have paid $9.99 a month to them to back up our photos for a while now. Google photos is also an option, but I believe they have a data limit and if you’re downloading 10 years of photos, it might not work without an upgrade.

It might take a little bit of time for everything to download, but it’s worth doing if you’re worried about losing the images and videos you’ve posted.

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