How to Hold Your Child During Vaccination

Have you ever wondered how you should hold your child while someone tries to administer a vaccine? I wondered the same thing and I came across this article from the CDC where they suggest embracing your child rather than overpowering them. How nice of them to try to word it in an affectionate way.

The graphic from the CDC website with smiling moms holding down their children is meant to make parents feel like it’s no big deal. Let’s be honest, your child is not going to sit there like there isn’t a needle coming for them and they surely aren’t going to be tear free as the needle enters their limb.

It still feels a lot like holding a child down.


While we love the idea of holding and nurturing our children, we don’t believe in holding them down for a medical procedure in which there are no repercussions should something go wrong. We don’t agree with the CDC recommendation, so we decided we needed a Mama Human guide on how to hold your child for a vaccine.

First: Place your body between your child and the offending party.

Second: With a stern voice, tell the offending party “My child will not be receiving a vaccine today.”

Third: Pick up your child and walk out the door.

In case you need an illustration:

See, it’s really simple. No tears, no violation of trust. Just a Mama Human protecting her child from unnecessary medical treatments.

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