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Crunchy Moms Fall Wardrobe & Makeup Look Book | Guide

Fall is my favorite season. I know, I know. You thought I was going to say Spring since I LOVE planting, chicks hatching and flowers, but alas, my favorite season is Fall because of the cooler nights, hoodies, colorful leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Okay, this list is LONG) and a thousand other things I could ramble on about.

Honestly, my most favorite thing about Fall is the clothes. Not to heavy, not to lite and OH SO easy to accessorize.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a whole page on this site dedicated to mom-friendly make-up that is toxin-free. Another Crunchi representative helped us collect some AMAZING Fall looks and pair it with the most amazing shades of lipstick, shadow and more.

Keep in mind that EVERY make-up product I am going to recommend is safe for your kiddo. Those lipstick kisses on their forehead aren’t going to cause allergic reactions or add toxins to their little bodies.

Ready to get started? Me too!!!

If you’re going for that leafy brown look, Curiosity, Allure and Fearless are going to be your go-to shadow colors. Pair it with the Rosewood lipstick color and your ensemble is complete.

Going for blue hues and berry accents? How about Acai lips, Allure eyes and a little bronzer to warm up your look?

Going with that leafy brownish pink and earth tones? We are LOVING Rosewood lips and Shadow Base Vol. 1.

One of my favorite fall tee colors paired with Rosewood makes the BEST combination. Pair it with an amazing cardigan and you’ve got the perfect pair.

This might be my favorite collection in this roundup. Just look at that sweater paired with Curiosity on the eyes, Plum Kiss on the lips and Allure.

Rounding out this Fall style collection – an amazing sweater, boots and the most amazing Acai lip color.

We can look good AND keep the toxins off of our bodies and our kiddos. Have other recommendations? Be sure to comment below.

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