Here’s Why Reading To Your Kids is Important

As parents, we’ve all heard that we should read to our kids. The reasons range from “bonding” to the idea that reading to kids “teaches them how to read.” While children do look forward to that time cuddled up with mom while she reads a good book, it doesn’t always equate to children learning how […]

Stay Connected With Your Kids With This Smartphone Alternative

Did you know your kids can send and receive calls and messages, send an emergency alert and even make purchases with apple pay – all without a smartphone? If you’re looking for a way to stay connected with your kids while limiting their access to games, video, internet and more – this idea just might […]

It’s Time For A Food Revolution

Something has happened to our food supply in the United States. You know it, I know it – everyone knows it. There isn’t one simple explanation as to why our population, particularly children, in the United States are failing to thrive – academically, emotionally, physically – but I do believe we can start chipping away […]