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nuCamp Teardrop and Travel Trailer Factory Tour

nuCamp is rather new to the camping world. Established in 2010 as a compact trailer supplier, they’ve grown to include three variations of their tear drop, a truck bed camper and a travel trailer. We joined Micheal on a tour of the nuCamp factory to see how they were made. After putting on some safety […]

Visiting The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is on everyone’s National Park bucket list, and with good reason. It’s breathtaking views from the rim remind you of just how magnificent this world really is. The awe-inspiring canyon with various shades of rocks and walking paths that zig zag down its side give scale to the magnitude of grandeur you’re […]

Camp Life Crate Camping Subscription Box

camping subscription box

Camp Life Crate, formerly Out of the Box Camping, is a quarterly subscription box for anyone who loves camping – whether tent or trailer. The box is filled to the gills with things any lover-of-camping would find useful or fun. So, this is the part where we tell you that we purchased this company in […]

Our National Park Bucket List

The National Park Bucket List If you’re planning on traveling to see the National Parks with your kids, you’re not alone. We’ve been working on our National Park bucket list for a few years now. Why a National Park Bucket List? I have to admit that until we moved to California in 2013, seeing all […]

The First Step in Mindful Parenting

Women who are pregnant and are expecting to deliver in the coming months should begin to think about the hospital bag that they’ll pack. Delivering a baby requires a few days of a stay in the hospital, making it important to have the essentials on hand to feel comfortable. Before the contractions begin, there are […]

To The People Who Think California is Concrete

To The People Who Think California is Concrete, I was there. We were there. We were sure that California was mostly concrete and Hummus. I assure you it’s so much more.  California is endless red sunsets over the Pacific and mountains that plunge straight up and then down into the ocean. California is beach in […]

Kings Canyon National Park in the Winter

Kings Canyon National Park is located East of Fresno and South of Yosemite. If you are on the John Muir Trail (JMT) you hike through Kings Canyon on your path South. Kings Canyon is home to the second largest tree in the world, the General Grant. It is also home to a cute little tourist […]