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The Safest Swimming Suit Colors For The Pool

If your family is like ours, you probably spend a lot of time in the pool, at the lake or on the river during the warmer months and safety is always on your mind. When we opened up the pool at the house we bought earlier this year, we quickly realized that the pool liner […]

Incubating Coturnix Quail Eggs

Incubating coturnix quail eggs is not difficult, but there are a few steps you need to take in order to get the best hatch rate possible. We’re going to go through each of the things we’ve found that helps increase our hatch rate and produces the healthiest babies possible. Getting Quail Eggs Ready for the […]

The Complete Guide to Amish Country Ohio

Ohio’s Amish Country is located in the Northeast rolling hills of Ohio in Holmes County. The area spreads over several counties and is the largest Amish settlement in the world. The area has grown in popularity over the last few decades due to the beautiful farms and landscape, Amish goods, Amish restaurants, cheese, back road […]

Teeth Counting 1-10 Preschool Printable

It’s National Tooth Month!! I know, I know. I didn’t know it was a thing either. But, since it is, we had to come up with a printable for the kiddos out there who love counting teeth. This started with a hand drawn tooth that is just for our teeth printables, so you get this […]

Why is Making Fun of Autism or Vaccine Injury Okay?

You might have noticed that several physicians, nurses and other questionable members of society have recently posted about getting their covid shot and decided it was a great time to make fun of vaccine injury and people living with autism. ** LANGUAGE WARNING … THIS IS A HEATED TOPIC AND I BROUGHT OUT MY BIG […]

Visiting Crater Lake National Park with Kids

Crater Lake National Park is a beautiful combination of the bluest water you’ve ever seen, views that go on forever and deep green trees. With miles of road and endless things to do, Crater Lake is a fun destination for all things hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, snowshoeing, site seeing and more. When we visited Crater […]

How To Save Your Facebook Photos & Videos Before They’re Deleted

As you may have noticed, many in the homeschooling, vaccine freedom, medical choice and breastfeeding communities have been silenced lately on various platforms that seek to control the narrative. Many of us have invested over a decade in a platform that now seeks to silence us. I have talked with many moms who plan to […]