This website is a collection of what you and I would talk about if we were walking the winding path near the river where the hemlocks shadow the water, ever so confidently solving all of the worlds problems while we listen to the wind rustle the trees and the water break over the stones that found their way into the riverbed. Mama Human was created for the fierce mama’s that aren’t afraid to advocate for their children and have true conversations about the health, happiness of our children. mama Human is intended to be the kind, gentle community of moms with a side of the sage advice we’re all searching for in each other.

About Mama Human

It took a minute for me to decide what kind of mother I wanted to be. I was raised by a sometimes-single working mom. My husbands mother was a SAHM. Two very different perspectives were in plain view every day. My grandmother and great-grandmothers had been working mothers.

The first experience I had with anyone outside of my circle (and online) was with a mom of eight who was loud about the kind of mother she was and why. She stood out among the hundreds of other moms in the Due in November 2005 group because she had unpopular opinions, a kind heart and a nonjudgemental approach to all things parenting. I had never heard anything so radical as what she so passionately preached to us. The biggest takeaway: Question Everything. 

So, we do. We question everything when it comes to our kids and advocate passionately for them based on our conclusions. 

We Love a Community That Understands This One Thing….

Everyone is different. Everyone parents different. It doesn’t mean that one or the other is wrong or right. Open-minded parents who can listen to different opinions without feeling (or getting) defensive are our favorite. 

Why Mama Human Exists

After homeschooling for several years due to living in California, we came to Ohio in 2019. That virus thing happened in Spring 2020 and we were 2500 miles from my husband. In the process of trying to navigate the situation with four kids by myself, I realized that we, as mothers, were all willing to drop it all for the safety of our children. We aren’t Mama Bears. We’re Mama Humans. We make rational, realistic choices based on the best information we can gather. But, in some cases, that information is hard to find or buried under piles of nonsense. We wanted to create a community where moms could come together and bounce ideas off of one another without judgement. It took us a little longer than we thought, but alas, Mama Human® is a thing.