8 Gifts for Kids Who Love Chickens

Kids love chickens, especially if they’ve had the opportunity to grow up around them. Either way, most kids enjoy playing with chicken related toys. We’ve rounded up some of the best toy chicken gifts for kiddos for this blog post.

We were sure to include a few items that our daughter loves the most – including the chicken counting game below. She doesn’t know it, but Santa is bringing her the Barbie farmer we’ve included in this round up.

Once you’ve had a chance to go through the list, be sure to let us know which is your favorite.

Without any more debate on what comes first, let’s get this list started….


We’re a big fan of wooden toys and this one can’t get any better. This complete play set with coop, chickens and more features nesting boxes and doors that open and close. It’s here.

This chicken farm includes a coop, rooster, hen and two chicks, as well as a nest and eggs. You can snag it here.

Barbie realized there was a great demand for farming toys and came out with the most adorable chicken farmer Barbie set. This set includes everything you see here. #addtocart

You can grab farmer Barbie here.

Count your Chickens is my five year olds favorite game. It’s simple, there are no losers in this game and it teaches counting with something kiddos enjoy – CHICKENS. You can grab this here.

What chickie loving kiddo doesn’t want a chickie egg night light? I know this is right there at the top of my kiddos wish list. You can grab it here.

What’s better than an educational chicken? This little chickie moves and will turn around and walk the other way when it comes to a wall. It’s here, if you’d like one.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? With this cute letter recognition matching egg set, the kids can decide! We love that it comes with an egg crate storage container. Nothing better than combining something kids love with education! This egg letter set is here.

How cute is this tee? Available in various sizes for kiddos who love chickens, this tee for girls is one of the cutest, but they also have a super adorable boys tee here.

Be sure to leave a comment with what you loved the most. AND, if you buy one of these items, we’d love your feedback.

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