7 Summer Homeschool Study Unit Ideas

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If you’re like us, squeezing study units into Summer can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, there are some amazing designers out there that have really stepped up to provide printable homeschool study units that are fun for kids of all ages.

Summer Study Unit with Flowers & Bugs

We love this study unit mostly because it’s more like a journal. If you’re hoping for something interactive, this one is for you. This beautifully hand-illustrated field guide includes:

-Honey Bees
-Coastal and Wetland Birds
-Summer Trees
-Creatures of the Summer Night Sky
-Summertime Foraging

You can grab this printable study unit here.

Beach & Shell Summer Study Unit

Heading to the beach? In true homeschooler style, make it a learning experience. This shell study unit is really great for the younger kids (don’t worry, we have suggestions for the older kiddos coming up) and include matching, spot the difference, patterns and more!

You can grab this ocean/shell study unit here.

Pond Study Unit

Ponds are a summer staple. This printable study unit will help kiddos learn all about ponds and their ecosystem. It includes a pond visit journal, which would pair great with a fishing or canoe trip. Our older kid always ask a ton of questions about the environment we’re in at any given time, so this study unit will come in hand this summer.

You can grab this printable study unit here.

Honey Bee Study Unit

This COMPLETE study unit for younger kiddos is nearly a curriculum all in itself. With counting, letter matching, sound sorting and so much more, this unit is full of learning and fun with it’s science, math and literacy components.

You can grab this amazing bee printable bee set here.

Ocean Study Unit

I promised an ocean study unit for older kids – and here it is. I know you’re probably looking at this picture and thinking it just isn’t going to cut it with your teen or preteen, but I want you to take a second look. The ocean zones, animal identification and anatomy pages and research journal would be great for older kids. AND, as a bonus, you get a lot of great things your younger kiddos will love too.

You can grab this printable set here.

Tomato Study Unit

If you read about our fall apple study unit here on our website, you know that we like to go big with unit studies like the one I am about to share. This beautiful study unit is one of many we own by this designer and you’ll see why in a minute. You can choose to utilize this study unit as a summer-long activity, a fun day of learning and so much more. This unit is truly great for kids of all ages and includes science, math and literacy.

This tomato study unit is 48 pages and includes:

8 Page Unit Study Guide – Lesson suggestions and ideas by subject (science, math, social studies, art)
Book & Video List
Growing Tips
Growing Tomatoes in Containers
Tomato Varieties Poster
Tomato Varieties Flash Cards (12)
Anatomy of a Tomato Plant Poster
Anatomy of a Tomato Flower
Anatomy of a Tomato Fruit
Tomato Fruit Anatomy Worksheet
Life Cycle of a Tomato
Life Cycle Worksheet
Life Cycle 3-Part Cards
Flower to Fruit Art Print
San Marzano Tomato Fact Card
Tomato Facts
Ketchup Facts
Copy Work Cursive & Print Options
3 Pieces of Artwork with artist info (art appreciation)
Tomato Garland
Cute T is for Tomato Flash Card
4 Tomato Recipe Cards
T is for Tomato Blank Letters
Coloring Page
1-12 Count & Clip Cards

You can grab this unit here.

Weather Study Unit

We love this study unit year round and actually use some pieces of it on our wall as a staple. Our older kids are kind of meh over this unit, but our 5 year old LOVES this and will go running to point out the weather of the day if there’s a sudden change – like yesterday, when it started pouring rain.

You can grab this study unit here.

These study units are an amazing addition to your homeschool adventures over the summer. You’ll be able to print what you need, when you need it and add it to your summer journals too.

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