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8 Ideas For Bringing Back Your Elf on The Shelf

Is your elf preparing to make a grand entrance this year?

No matter how your elf on the shelf arrives, it’s sure to be special. So many kids are looking forward to it this year – mine included. Whether you’re planning something special, or just wanting to bring your elf back in style, you’re sure to find something on this list of elf on the shelf returning ideas that will work for you.

If you don’t have your elf yet, you can grab one here.

Most of these Elf on the Shelf Ideas are something you can throw together really quick if needed.

Fly In on Balloons

One of my favorites this year is the elf balloon arrival with star balloons. Mama Cheaps posted about it here, with a printable to go with it.

Return in A Special Delivery Package

This embroidered Elf certificate might be one of the favorite things I have seen this year. We ordered one of these for our elf to come a little early this year and will also add our Elf Returns certificate in with it.

Bring A Letter

This printable pack of letters is an easy way to bring back your elf and to announce their departure.

Create a Treasure Hunt with This Fun Puzzle

How fun is this? You can create a fun search party with this elf returns puzzle. Kids of all ages can play along with this one.

Hang A Banner

This simple printable would make such a cute way to bring back your elf. You can grab it here.

Be a Present

This was our choice for this year, right off of the Elf on the Shelf website. Simple, cute and fun!

Bring a Naughty / Nice List Certificate

You can grab these printables right on our website here.

Stamp It!!

If you’re up for making some salt dough ornaments or cookies, you can stamp them with this adorable cookie stamp.

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