Most American Mother’s want two things – children that are both happy and healthy. We spend most of our lives trying to create an environment for our children that will lead to them living their best lives, yet Children in the United States are showing signs of a catastrophic health failure across the board – yet no one in the medical field can (or will) say why.

American children aren’t the shining example of health we hoped. Yet, here we are in 2019 and we find ourselves mandating medical procedures that are proven unsafe while billions is spent on lobbying, media and political sponsorships.

No one in the media will cover the issues we’re facing because they risk losing the cash flow proping up their industry. So much for fair and balanced.

Instead, we get pieces of confused writing like this from the San Deigo Tribune. They wrote a piece in April which outlined that “The number of students needing special education services and the costs of those services have climbed faster than the federal or state money that pays for them, county district data show.”

With no questions as to what is causing the surge, they continue on to state “Meanwhile the number of students with disabilities in San Diego county grew by 19 percent since 2012, while overall school enrollment grew only 2 percent.”

I should add that California’s SB277, which mandated vaccines for school unless there was a medical exemption, went into play in 2013. No mention of that anywhere in their limited reporting. But with just a 2% increase in students, there has been more than a 19% increase in children with special needs requirements.

Have you ever wondered why American moms are pissed and starting to rebel and question EVERYTHING?

It really is simple. We are watching our perfect American Dream being ripped, pried and beaten from our hands.

If you haven’t been asleep for the last few years, you’ve most likely noticed there is an epidemic underway.

No, it’s not the measles.

This is another, more permanent type of epidemic that will make the black plague look like flu season.

Your Child Has a 46% Chance of Being Healthy.

When you include chronic life-long diseases currently impacting American Children, your child, statistically has a 46% chance of being healthy. Yes, you read that right. As of this post, 54% of American children currently suffer from a life-alterning, unexplainable ailment.

Our children are SICK and DYING and no one is ASKING WHY. Except mothers. Mother’s are asking, demanding and in search of answers. If the school district is burdened with this “surge” of children with special needs, what do they think is happening to the families that are also impacted?

With absolutely not one mention of the impact on those children’s families, it’s clear that the San Diego Tribune didn’t stop to think about the impacts at home.

So that leads me to this….

This is the epidemic of our children’s health being destroyed and the mothers speaking out for them being mocked, called liars and worse – having their children taken from them.

Taylor Bland is one mother who has experienced this first hand. In a recent post on FB she stated:

“We have the state taking children from perfectly suitable and loving homes, traumatizing children that have never been away from their parents so long, and leaving them in abusive homes, to end up dead.

We have medical mandates happening all around the country, we live in a country where you cannot say no.

The statistics of cancer, autism, infertility, ADHD and more are SKYROCKETING, yet we mustn’t question why, or we are conspiracy theorists.

We have reproductive and birthrights being stripped from women left and right, with abortion restrictions, miscarriage convictions, rape apologists, and midwifery laws increasing and weeding out the true traditional birth keeper.

Where do we turn to when our own country betrays us so deeply?”

If you don’t know Taylor Bland, she is mother who wanted a second opinion on her son needing a second round of chemo after being declared cancer free. Her son was taken from her and custody was given to a family member. His cancer treatments were then resumed and the once vibrant looking child reappeared with a swollen face and dull hair.

Mothers who seek answers are called everything from Jenny McCarthy fans to Google Degree recipients – let’s not forget people wishing our children would die –  but in this post, I show you that most mothers (myself included) have spent more time researching vaccines than the RNs who give the injections spent in their entire career.

We’re also the ones that watch our children slip away or watch their health deteriorate after injections. We see it first hand, yet the physicians and nurses who carelessly inject children of various genetic makeups with concoctions they’re told are safe and effective, time and time again deny that the health issues that face our children couldn’t be related to the vaccines.

Our dream as American mothers is slipping away and it’s time to get a definitive answer on why.