I’ve been telling 1st time pregnant women for years that carrying your baby while she is actually in utero is the EASIEST way to transport her.  After she is born, it gets a whole lot more complicated.  Are you considering taking a trip during these last weeks of summer vacation, but are concerned that your current status of being preggo is going to make it too hard?  Hogwash!  This is the time ladies, so like the ad says, “Just do it!”
It probably goes without saying, but I will anyway, if you have any issues during your pregnancy where your medical provider has advised you to not travel in a plane, or take a long trip in a car or train, etc, than this blog post is not for you.  Please always consider the advisements of the medical professionals that you have surrounded yourself with, as well as use your common sense.

If you are early in your pregnancy and still suffering from “morning sickness” or in my case,” all day long for 16 ½ weeks sickness” you can still travel.  Think about it, if you are spending a good portion of your day nauseous anyway, why not do it at a 5 star hotel?  Sometimes a change in scenery can make the small discomforts in life more tolerable.  Some tips that worked for me with nausea were to drink organic ginger tea, nibble on saltine crackers, organic ginger ale helped too.  I also used the  wrist bands and kept a stash of the Preggie Pops (lolly pops) in my purse at all times.  Some folks advise to stay hydrated to stave off nausea.  It helped me when I snacked, so that 1st trimester I snacked all day long, and gained 10 lbs!  Don’t worry, the weight came off, and it’s all a distant memory.  The point is, find what works for you, and make it mobile so you can vacation with your honey.

If sleeping is getting difficult, you can still travel, just take your body pillow with you.  If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, the donut pillow is your salvation!  Do you need to take a pee-pee break every hour?  Not a problem, remind your mate that you will need to make frequent stops, and then don’t be a hero and try to hold it so you get to the beach before sunset…if you have the urge and need to stop, do it!

My mission today is to encourage you to take an out breath into this season of fallow long lazy days and heat, even if you are heavy with that beautiful bump.  Enjoy allowing strangers to open doors for you, let you take the seat on the bus, etc. This is your opportunity to spend some quality time with your mate, lounge around somewhere with a view, float in a pool, stroll in the evening light and roll with the slow pace.  It is actually matching your internal rhythm.  Of course being pregnant is not an illness, we can exercise, work, fly to Asia, make that big presentation or sale, etc.  Look at the woman that was competing in the Olympics yesterday!  However, I urge you to think of the season of pregnancy, and the season of summer, especially the 1st pregnancy, as an opportunity to slow down a bit, smell the roses, and honor the last days of being a twosome.